The shack

So to the shack.. Not a lot of great stuff here I’m afraid, but what limited kit I have works well, and does the job.. The only missing thing is space so I can add more...
  1. Yeasu FT2000 PEP
  2. Yeasu FT857D
  3. Yeasu FT8900
  4. Elecraft KX3
  5. Kenwood TM-D710
  6. Yeasu VX-7R
  7. Yaesu VX8G
  8. Clansman PR320
  1. 102 ft Doublet
  2. MQ-26 SR (Quagi antenna - 40ft up)
  3. Tri band Co-linear
  4. ATAS 120A – for mobile HF
  5. Damp piece of string (random lengths)
  6. 10m roach pole (9:1 unun at base)
  7. M0CVO antennas
Misc kit
  1. MD200 mic ( I love this !)
  2. Heil Proset Elite
  3. Ameritron AL-811H
  4. Challenger 4 from LinAmp UK
  5. Palstar AT2K ATU
  6. LDG Z817 ATU
  7. VNA Antenna Analyser (This is awsome !!)
  8. G-1000 DXC rotator
  9. Rotor Card for PC to Rotator connection
  10. 2 x Scam 12 Masts
  11. G600 rotator

Morse Keys
  1. Begali Opal (Thanks to my wife for this amazing birthday present)
  2. MFJ 564
  3. RSGB Centenary Key
  1. HRD V6
  2. WSPR
  3. and loads of other small software items.. too many to mention.
and if you really want to have a tour around my current layout - why not waste 15 mins of your life by watching this.