About me

Hi, I’m Dan and I’ve been licensed since 2008. I passed my foundation and intermediate exams on the same day, and I remained as 2E0BQJ until July 2010 when I passed my full examination and became M0TGN.

You can always find me hovering around the HF bands, and in particular I enjoy 40m, 20m, 17m. I actively assist and mentor students on the Bath Based Distance Learning, and also am a proud member of the Buildathon crew with my good friends Steve (GoFUW) and Lewis (G4YTN)

I really enjoy the whole concept of further developing my knowledge of radio, and in September 2010 I enrolled in the Morse Code proficiency exam which is promoted by the RSGB. I managed to pass the examination in the later part of November at a speed of 5 WPM. I’m very pleased with this result, and at the time of writing this, I have managed to have 4 QSO’s. My nerves are slowly calming down, and I aim to get into double figures soon. Once confidence improves, I will sit the 12WPM examination, and aim for further speeds as I feel comfortable.

For further details have a look at my QRZ page, and please feel free to add a comment to my web log. Currently I'm a proud member of these fine clubs & establishments :

And if you really are interested in what I'm up to right now have a look at my recent pictures from Instagram. Some radio related, mostly not.