Tuesday, 24 November 2015

KX3 Shield installation

Amongst many deliveries this week, one very welcome package was side plate covers for the KX3. Ive noticed on recent trips that the soft pouch that I use to hold the KX3 is offering very little protection to the knobs.

The side plates allow the installation of a clear cover that is intended to give protection to the delicate front panel.

Installation is easy. It takes less than 10mins and also comes with a Heat sink to help the PA transistors stay cooler for longer. I didn’t want to fit the heat sink at first – I thought it wouldn’t allow the radio to fit in the carry pouch. But as you will see the case I use was able to take both the radio and heat sink. To complete the installation you will need 10minutes of spare time, a screwdriver and a 10mm spanner.

If you own a KX3, use it out and about - this is a quick and simple upgrade you should seriously consider.

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