Saturday 4 July 2015


The layout of MacLogger DX on my Mac
I recently tweeted that I had dropped Ham Radio Deluxe in favour for MacLoggerDX. Amongst the re-tweets and comments i received, Danny (PA3DM) did mention that HRD is not just a logbook, but a full suite of digital modes, rotor and a rig control system. This I completely agree with, and my time using HRD was always a great experience and I would recommend the software to anyone.

My issue with HRD is this. I use a Mac. I transitioned from PC to Mac around 3 years ago, and have been using a Virtual PC to do my PC based tasks (including my day job) and this is the issue. HRD over a Virtual Machine, using RS-232 connectors is unpredictable, slow and frankly unusable. Its not the fault of HRD, nor is it the fault of the Virtual Machine, The RS-232 - USB connectors. It’s a combination of all the elements tethered together that makes the experience unusable.

So the solution ? well its not a solution to be fair. It’s a compromise. Its not HRD, its not an all in one solution, its a log book that can use the radios VFO,  the rotor and DX cluster all together. That is basically what I used HRD for. And on the odd occasion I did venture into digital modes. 
I will complete a review of MacLoggerDX in future posts, but for now I thought I would explain my rationale of making the switch.  So far, so good.

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