Sunday, 14 December 2014

RSGB Volunteer 2015

Its been quite some time since I have added anything to my blog, and indeed quiet some time since I’ve added any videos. Don’t worry though, everything is fine, I’ve just been really busy on other projects.

Radio and all radio related items has taken quite a large step back over the past 6 months, work commitments and other personal commitments have really swallowed up any spare minutes that I have.

However I have still kept up with the distance learning classes and also been involved in the upcoming Club Relay for 2015 (now 2016) for the RSGB. So its not all lost.

So what has prompted the sudden blog entry ? well I received this week a Volunteer 2015 badge for the RSGB for all the activities I have completed over the past 12 months. For which I’m very grateful for the recognition.

It got me thinking - how we take the RSGB for granted, and indeed watching other constantly belittle the society, how we should actually take a moment and celebrate the society and everything that it has accomplished over the past years.

I even wrote a quick entry on the RSGB unofficial Facebook page, which is often a melting pot full of moans and groans – and I added that we should all note down what makes up proud to be a member, and add an open thanks to things that the society has done for us.

A few liked the posting but even better quite a few agreed with my comments and also added what they are proud of and how the Society had helped them.

Its times like this that we really should step back form the immediate issues that we face in the hobby and remind ourselves – its just a hobby. We all volunteer, we all do out best, and we really should be grateful for what we have achieved.

This is likely to be the last post of 2014 – so until next year (and I promise not to leave it so long) have a very happy Christmas and happy new year.

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