Monday 2 June 2014

Direct QSL cards

I wonder how many people come home after a holiday and find a pile of post ?

We lets refine that. I wonder how many people go on a radio holiday – and come home to find a stack of QSL cards ? Since our return from the Isle of Man I have received every day new QSL cards. In total I have collected about $50 in direct fees from some of the amateurs we have spoken with for a direct QSL card. (which we will respect and send once our cards are back from the printers)

This is by far the biggest admin headache of any trip we have done so far. Our eQSL account was brimming with just about 1,000 QSL requests. And emails, direct letters and requests just keep coming in.  going forward its on the check list of things to do when we get back.

Clearly the trip just doesn’t end when you all head home, stick the washing on and relax telling your wife and children of how well the radio was (not that they are that interested of course)

Its great to know that we did such a good job. SO our QSL card design is all done up, and is heading off to the printers We decided to go for 3,000 cards this leaves just 99 spare cards ideally for SWL listeners who would like a memento. 

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