Sunday 27 April 2014

Super fast broadband. Finally

Ok so not a radio related blog entry but its worth sharing anyway.

I have for the first time ever now joined the super fast broadband club. Using BT infinity2 I have for the first time broken through the "Up to" 16Mb/s download and jumped straight up to 76Mb/s download.

For the uninitiated this is accomplished by only installing Fibre cable to the nearest cabinet and then the existing copper to the house. The is known as FTTC. (Fibre To The Cabinet). and going forward its quite possibly the only large scale Fibre Optic roll out we will see in the UK. placing Fibre Optic to the home (FTTP - Fibre To The Property) is prohibitively expensive and the last large scale roll out nearly bankrupted NTL.

So how is it ? well to be honest I haven't really noticed any difference browsing the web. But I have noticed a massive difference when everyone is using a piece of the internet connection. the upload speed has made a massive difference too. Being able to upload videos to YouTube and also working with files (day job) and placing them on remote servers is now much quicker.

The actual speeds I'm getting are not that different to the advertised connection - That being 76Mbs down and 19Mbs up. have a look at the before and after speed tests.

With this new found speed I will hopefully be able to upload more videos, so watch this space. Anyway normal service will resume now, and i will carry on blogging about radio related matters. Although the speed test was completed via wireless. Does that count ?

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