Wednesday 2 April 2014

Fun with a Zoom H1

I recently purchased a Zoom H1 for outside audio recording. Ive noticed that the microphone on the
Camcorder is pretty poor when filming in slightly breezy conditions or even when i am not facing the camera.  So to address this a separate Mic / handheld recorder that allows the addition of plug in microphones and being completely separate from the camera is a bonus.

I recorded a film this week (connecting a PL259 to coax) for our intermediate students. I didn't use the zoom H1, instead as i was sat in front of the camera, i used its internal mic. However when i reviewed what i had recorded, I had a dishwasher, kitten running, dog barking, children playing all over the audio. A perfect time for the zoom !!

I recorded a new track to splice onto the video. Which I'm about 70% happy with. I can assure you its a hard thing to do. Making the speech sound correct, with correct rising inflection its a hard task !

Anyway here are the fruits of my labour. Let me know what you think. Room for improvement i think.

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