Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bath Taps into Science

Bath Taps into Science was hosted in Bath University and Green Park Station during  21st and 23rd March. On Friday Steve (G0FUW), Phil (M0PHI), Russ (M0WYB) and myself set up a stand showcasing the science behind radio. Our audience was 1500 School children who were aged between 9 and 14 years. Reception was well received.

We demonstrated the Oscillation, modulation, reception and transmission elements with small experiments. despite having exploding, messy and amazing things - we grabbed the attention of many teachers and students. Our buildathon demonstration again was really welcomed by STEM co-orindators, and general feedback was excellent.

On Sunday Steve, Phil, Lewis (G4YTN) and Mike(G3VTO) again showcased the science behind radio in Green Square in Bath - this time open to the general public. We had many mums and dads ask us about the buildathon, and even some keen people sign up for some in-class education ready to obtain their Amateur radio license.

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