Saturday, 8 February 2014

The best KX3 case

When giving the video tour of my latest QRP pack I was asked by a few fellow KX3 owners what case it was that I was using.

Ive created another YouTube clip that shows off the Think Tank Strobe Stuff Pouch. Which was recommend to me by G4ILO on his blog.

If I wasn't carrying the KX3 in a rucksack I would add some more padding to the case to protect the knobs and corners of the radio.

Anyway I hope the review shows you how the pack fairs up.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Light weight power for QRP

Some time ago I created a battery pack that used a 7.2Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery as its base. All is well with that power pack except its colossal weight. Weighing in at nearly 2.5Kg it’s a hell of a thing to but in your backpack. So I have invested in a Li-Po battery pack.

I have filmed a quick tour of the power pack ( link to the power pack is in the description of the clip) have a look. So far the pack has performed flawlessly and I cannot recommend it enough.

Monday, 3 February 2014

QRP Go pack. Again.

It’s a constant theme on this blog – the frequent updates of my QRP go Pack. Well I’ve reached a point where I think I’m happy with the current configuration. My pack differs to many I’ve seen on YouTube. I include more than just the radio equipment. I also include some basic tools and items that make for a comfortable set up when I’m out portable.  The ability to make a wind break, or even a shelter and also to be able to have a warm drink means that in actual fact I can stay out portable for quite some considerable time.

Have a look at my latest configuration of my pack. This I have decided is the autumn winter configuration. I have already started thinking about what I would remove and add for a summertime set up.