Tuesday 24 December 2013

Twitter & Morse

I love twitter. Some years ago I thought it was a load of rubbish, and had no purpose. But actually there is a fantastic community on the social media network, and more importantly a group of like minded Radio Hams are also on their sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Take Dec 23rd for example. A simple thread was started about how we are progressing learning Morse and how we are attempting to up our speed. The conversation naturally came around to what’s best – paddle or straight key, and which particular keys do you own. For some crazy reason I mentioned I would complete a YouTube video of my keys, and share with the other participants of the conversation. Well I’m delighted to see that others have gotten on the band wagon and are sharing their keys and their experiences with them. Have a look at the following. I’ve ordered them in chronological order :

David @G7AGI

Nigel @M0CVO

Patrick @M0ZPK

Im sure a couple more videos may appear here as i originally tagged a few more in the 1st video. But we shall wait and see ! Iain (@M0PCB) also contributed by sharing his list of keys available on his web site https://www.m0pcb.co.uk/?page_id=68 Have aloof - he has supplied a nice description against each key he owns.

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