Monday, 27 May 2013

CW BBQ time

My CW confidence is slowly building. I had the KX3 in the garden today as I was playing with antenna configurations for my go Pack, and also sorting out some power options too. and while on the garden table a flippant mood came across me and so I started calling CQ on 20m using CW. only using a couple of watts I was hoping that no one would hear, and indeed they didn't.

After a while and during me cooking the food on the BBQ i decide to to start trying my hand at breaking into a pile up. so in-between flipping the burger, turning the sausage i went back to the radio and fired out my callsign.

Low and behold after only a couple of tries - i heard my call sign. I was delighted all they wanted was  a signal report so I returned my call, theirs and a 5NN. happy days.

Now having the bug i only went and did it again. 1st try this time, and again they just wanted a signal report. Easy. quick and very satisfying.

and to boot the food tasted amazing ! 2 calls of the call sign is enough time to leave the sausages before they need turning. Excellent timing !

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