Monday, 27 May 2013

CW BBQ time

My CW confidence is slowly building. I had the KX3 in the garden today as I was playing with antenna configurations for my go Pack, and also sorting out some power options too. and while on the garden table a flippant mood came across me and so I started calling CQ on 20m using CW. only using a couple of watts I was hoping that no one would hear, and indeed they didn't.

After a while and during me cooking the food on the BBQ i decide to to start trying my hand at breaking into a pile up. so in-between flipping the burger, turning the sausage i went back to the radio and fired out my callsign.

Low and behold after only a couple of tries - i heard my call sign. I was delighted all they wanted was  a signal report so I returned my call, theirs and a 5NN. happy days.

Now having the bug i only went and did it again. 1st try this time, and again they just wanted a signal report. Easy. quick and very satisfying.

and to boot the food tasted amazing ! 2 calls of the call sign is enough time to leave the sausages before they need turning. Excellent timing !

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

HRD V6 - Follow up

This is  a follow up post to my HRD v6.0 article I wrote some time ago. I recently received an email from Carroll (W5IP) who asked how exactly did I stop the FT2000 switching between VFO A & VFO B. Well I hope the following will help.

Once HRD is loaded, open the logbook application. CLick the "tools" menu option, then configure, then DX Cluster.

Once the window has opened click on the "selection" tab at the top. I will look like this

Make sure the following are unchecked :
"Use QSX on Frequency"
"Reset Split on ALE Reset"
"Reset Split on ALE Save"

Once unchecked hit OK, and try again.

This will stop the radio switching between VFO A & B when saving entries in the log.