Wednesday, 3 April 2013

KX3 Data decoding

It does appear that the KX3 has a lot of people questioning should they part with their current configurations, equiptment lists. And clearly from the twitter chatter and forum postings it seems that the 2 areas the KX3 is provoking some thought is the 2m option and the in built data decoder.

Well i can t answer the question about 2m, i expect I will get the add on when the module is available, but with the decoding I can at least show you how well it does it. I have added 3 data modes, RTTY, PSK and although not strictly a data mode the radio can decode it - CW.

The video shows a QSO and how the radio fairs with some fading on the signals. It is important to note that the CW decode isn't that great on this video. that I'm afraid is down to operator error, and after some substantial fiddling with the settings I did manage to get the decode working a lot better. anyway have a look see what you think.