Monday 15 April 2013

RSGB - Vector logo download

Have you tried to find a Vector version of the RSGB logo ? i did and couldn't find it anywhere. So I've created the Vector versions of the logo that you can download from my Dropbox account.

The zip folder contains the flowing versions

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • EPS
  • SVG

All of these were created using the hi resolution JPEG version that members can download. I haven't created a black and white set, but if it is required I can create one with no problems.

Any issues please feel free to ask

You can download the file here.

Thursday 4 April 2013

MK 1 Antenna Launcher

So, after a nice Sunday afternoon playing with the new radio it became immediately apparent that i am completely rubbish at getting antennas in trees.

So I've constructed a very simple antenna launcher. Using a £3.99 bait launcher and a cheap fishing reel, I have combined the 2using some small bore plastic pipe. I can fire a fishing weight over a tree and pull back a guy rope. Then attaching the antenna to the guy rope, i should be able to pull it up and get some tension on it. Hopefully achieving a flat top Dipole while in the trees.

I will update you with how this goes.

Wednesday 3 April 2013

KX3 Data decoding

It does appear that the KX3 has a lot of people questioning should they part with their current configurations, equiptment lists. And clearly from the twitter chatter and forum postings it seems that the 2 areas the KX3 is provoking some thought is the 2m option and the in built data decoder.

Well i can t answer the question about 2m, i expect I will get the add on when the module is available, but with the decoding I can at least show you how well it does it. I have added 3 data modes, RTTY, PSK and although not strictly a data mode the radio can decode it - CW.

The video shows a QSO and how the radio fairs with some fading on the signals. It is important to note that the CW decode isn't that great on this video. that I'm afraid is down to operator error, and after some substantial fiddling with the settings I did manage to get the decode working a lot better. anyway have a look see what you think.

KX3 - initial thoughts

I’ve been using the KX3 now for a couple of days. Sadly I have to add my voice of many owners by stating what a fantastic little radio it is. As a proud owner of the FT817 I really regretted selling it, but I kept telling myself it was for the greater good.  Having now got the KX3 I can honestly say it was the right decision. The KX3 knocks the 817 into next week. It truly is an awesome box of tricks.

I purchased the kit and after 3 hours of building the KX3 burst into life and was receiving signals form all over the place. I had my very 1st QSO on the day after (CW) and was delighted on how I managed to get  on with the radio after doing the typical bloke thing of not reading the user manual.

I went on a walkabout to some woods over the Easter weekend. I threw a wire antenna into some trees, hooked up some coax and settled down for a spin around the bands while snuggled up quite peacefully against a great Oak. I managed to bag 3 QSO’s to Canada with out really trying. In fact when I got home I checked the power and indeed I was running 3 watts. So I was dead chuffed. 

And to add to this pleasure, the view from the shack that day was immense.