Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kenwood Trophy winners

It’s with great delight to announce that the Advanced Distance Learning team headed up by Steve Hartley won the Kenwood trophy for 2011. In a letter from Don Beattie (Acting General Manager) this award recognises a significant contribution to the training and development in Amateur Radio within the UK.

For the 2011 class The Advance Distance Learning team was made up of the following tutors:
  • Chris      - G0EYO
  • Phil         - G3MGQ
  • Keith     - G4OKT
  • Harry     - M0SOP
  • David     - M0XDF
With Steve (G0FUW), Lewis (G4YTN) and myself as the core team who supported each of the tutors, and also our own students.  Between us we handled over 60 Students at the course outset and although some students could not complete the course, we only had 2 students who failed the final exam back in December.  It’s a fantastic honour, and I’m immensely proud to be a part of the team.

Our 2012 class is already underway and we welcome 3 new tutors to the mix Andy (G8TQH), Alan (G0HIQ) and David (G0EVV) all contributing to the mix. John (Gw3XPK) also joined us but due to some health issues, John is now Standby Tutor, and will be joining in full time again for the next session.

The course itself is based on a simple structure. Each week students are sent class notes, and some revision questions that challenge the students’ knowledge. We also run some practice papers in line with what has been taught thus far, and feedback is very positive with many of the students expressing how much they have enjoyed the course.

The Kenwood trophy was presented at the RSGB AGM, and along with Steve, Lewis, Phil and Keith. Details of the AGM and a few dodgy photos of us collecting the trophy will appear in the June 2012 edition of RadCom