Monday 19 December 2011

December round up (before Christmas)

Well here we are once again, in a cold December awaiting the arrival of Christmas. I wish I could say I have been busy on the radio, but sadly I haven't. It seems work and family are way too important at this time of year. And to be honest the family always gets my vote.

One thing that I have been busy with this month is gathering information, creating bookings and having discussions with regards to the upcoming trip to the Isle of Skye. We are planning again for Wessex Contest Group to make another week long activation of a location that none of us have visited before. And 2012 sees us going to Scotland. More details of he trip can be found on where we plan to update you all with news on our developing plans.

Other news along the same theme is the new aquavit ions of a mast, 3 element beam antenna, rotator and all the bits in between. The mast is a winter project that we hope to mount on a trailer ready for the 12 hour drive...

And as this will be the last post in 2011(probably) It is time to wish you all. Happy Christmas and rewarding new year.

73 from me