Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Radio exam success

The Bath radio course that I participate in saw 9 students pass the foundation exam.  They are all very clever chaps with the majority of the passes being 90% or better in pass rates. They chaps are going forward to the intermediate exam that we start on the 27th October. 
For more information on the courses that are on offer in Bath contact Steve Hartley G0FUW .

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Team Thunderbox October gathering

Just a quick post here - to let you know that Team Thunderbox will be setting up a portable station again between 21st and 30th October 2011, Operating as MX0TBG/P.

As always they would love to speak with as many of you as possible, if the conditions allow.

A quick run down on the bands and kits the chaps will be using :
  • 160/80 they will be using the trusty doublet again!
  • 40m they wil be using "The big 'un" a homemade 2 element Monoband Cubical Quad.
  • 20m the guys will be using the homemade 3 element Monoband Cubical Quad.
  • 17m they shall use a 3 element homemade Monoband Yagi,
  • 10m a 4 element homemade Monoband Cubical Quad.
They are also now on Facebook and twitter as Mx0tbg TeamThunderbox, and will periodically update frequencies and times on there. Hope to work some of you!