Friday 26 August 2011

Summer time blues

John(M0OTM) working Stateside on 17m
Not a great deal happening this summer, the weather is typically rubbish here in England, but not put off I have made some new acquisitions. Namely for the upcoming trip to Scilly isles I have purchased a Clansman PR320 as our sacrificial radio for Marine mobile and beach work (where sand will ruin any radio!), not a bad little set if the truth be told, I managed to get it on high ground with a friend of mine and we worked solidly into the states on 17m using the 3watt (Low power) setting.

Secondly and for my own future outings I purchased an FT817, which is just great, I know they have their faults but they also have a strong following too, I for one think they are a great little radio.

To go with the FT817 I have created a solar GO PACK that uses a 7.2 SLA battery a 20watt Panel and a watts up meter. It’s incredible, I can listen for free (no power being drawn from the battery) and when I transmit it costs 4Watts of power from the battery, which means I can be out all day in the sun playing radio. I'm sure my wife will be most pleased!!