Tuesday 26 July 2011

Tweet tweet... #DxCluster

I’m using twitter more and more every day. And I came across a great utility recently that allows you to send tweets from the DX Cluster.

Peter (VE3SUN) has written DX Monitor which works really well. I have created a new twitter account that I now follow, and it keeps me up to date with hot DX spots, Any alerts I have set up (i.e. a country I am trying to catch) and DX announcements.

I have asked Peter if it is possible to change the format of the tweet, i.e. allow it to directly message me, and to allow me to add hash tags at the end.

As I have a iPhone, The Twitter client will send push notifications, so as long as I have the DX monitor running somewhere I can be anywhere in the world and still be kept up to date with the DX cluster.

I really recommend it, so why not have a look. http://www.ve3sun.com/dxmon/main.html

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