Wednesday 8 June 2011

RSGB 144Mhz - Gash set up !

The RSGB 2m contest took place this week, and with my good friend we decided with about an hour to go that we would give it a go, so with a 6 element 2m Quad antenna that has been in the garden we quickly threw some coax onto it, built the elements and attempted to tune the antenna.

Needless to say 10:1 was the best SWR we could get. and so plan B was to get the 4 element Yagi I had tucked away in the shed, pull it out and after some ingenious cable adjustment, namely making it go from a BNC to a N-type via a PL259 (don't ask, its not that interesting) we managed to get a working antenna with just minutes to spare.

We set off for some high ground and slotted the mast inside a hollow road sign, and we were on the air within 2 mins of the contest starting, Using our Wessex Contesting Group callsign (MX0WCB).
For a quick look at the gash set up have a look at the YouTube clip I uploaded after the contest.

Not a great set up, but we didn't do too bad for a spontaneous "let's go and do it"

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