Saturday, 9 April 2011

A great QSO

One of my more memorable QSOs this week covered the grand distance of about 5 miles, to a good friend 2E0BGD.

So a little background is in order here I feel. I'm currently teaching a student through he foundation syllabus and a part of the practical element is to have a HF QSO, exchange details etc.

The issue was that due to variety of issues I didn't have a HF set that could be used. However my student who works for the MoD managed to acquire a clansman 320, that we could use on 20m.

So armed with a script both Simon and myself set up the portable station in the centre of bath, and began calling CQ. Sure enough Brian came back to that call and the practical assessment began..

To say we had strange looks, enquiring residents and generally interested people would be an understatement. It was good fun and Simon passed the practical with flying colours.

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