Thursday, 3 March 2011

February's round up

Ok, so it’s a little late. But here is a roundup of February’s activities.

Advanced Exam course.

The advanced Licence exam started at the beginning of this year with 3 in class students and 11 distance learning students. Soon however the numbers changed remarkably. As of the beginning of February we now have in the region of 27 distance learning students. This is quite a staggering number, which has been broken down into 3 groups now, for Lewis, Steve and myself to manage in easier chunks. Looks like this could be the first time suck a large number were taught in 1 go. And here’s hoping that June sees a bumper amount of students pass the exam!

More radio activity

I am slacking really. I haven’t been on the radio for some time, so this month I made the conscious effort to have the odd QSO here and there, and in response to G6NHUs QSO365 idea, I have attempted to have at least 1 CW QSO a week. Yes it’s not the same as 1 a day, but hey I’m learning and it takes time to calm down from the Morse nerves. So this month I managed to rack up 27QSO’s. Not great, but as i am quite busy I’m quite chuffed. Have a look at the logbook for details.

Plans for the year

Contesting plans and a DXpedition idea came 1 step closer this month, with 3 people now signed up to the idea of operating in a remote location later this year. I won’t add too much detail just yet, as we still have to finalise some key points.

Also for this year i have acquired semi planning permission from she who must be obeyed. I’m installing a MA5B on a tennamast that should provide a better set up than what I currently have with the vertical dipole. That will all be installed this year, at the “2011 Erection party”. Hosted by me, I will supply a BBQ and drinks of course


And finally, it’s only taken 2 years but I now have UHF and VHF from my home QTH. The installation of the Co-linear that has been in the living room behind the book case for 2 years is now sitting proudly on the patio. The wife is not amused. But I’m happy! The only thing now is to be able to do SSB on 2m, and 70cm. The FT8900 will only do FM, so maybe a FT817 will fill that hole? I’ve been after one for some time, and maybe the perfect rig, as I have other plans for it too. Have a look at this.


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