Sunday, 23 January 2011

SOS radio week

I popped up to see Andy (G0JLX) yesterday who was doing a /p session for the RNLI SOS radio week. its a great cause and raises some much needed funds.

As you can see from the photo it was a bit bleak on Westbury white horse. The ground was soggy everywhere and really very cold. When I waded through the mud I joined Andy who was in QSO with Des (G0RBD). Andy has a really nice set up in the back of his Land rover, everything easily to hand, and warm too!

In his mobile shack he was actively using:
  • 17m SSB
  • 4m FM (70.300 MHz)
  • 2m FM (145.300 MHz)
  • 70cm FM (433.300)
Anyway I didn’t hang around too long, not only to allow Andy to get some more QSO’s in but it was really cold. For more info on Andy’s mobile adventures have a look at his website. .

I must also apologies to the XYL for traipsing mud into her nice clean car.... Sorry.

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