Sunday, 23 January 2011

SOS radio week

I popped up to see Andy (G0JLX) yesterday who was doing a /p session for the RNLI SOS radio week. its a great cause and raises some much needed funds.

As you can see from the photo it was a bit bleak on Westbury white horse. The ground was soggy everywhere and really very cold. When I waded through the mud I joined Andy who was in QSO with Des (G0RBD). Andy has a really nice set up in the back of his Land rover, everything easily to hand, and warm too!

In his mobile shack he was actively using:
  • 17m SSB
  • 4m FM (70.300 MHz)
  • 2m FM (145.300 MHz)
  • 70cm FM (433.300)
Anyway I didn’t hang around too long, not only to allow Andy to get some more QSO’s in but it was really cold. For more info on Andy’s mobile adventures have a look at his website. .

I must also apologies to the XYL for traipsing mud into her nice clean car.... Sorry.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Blogging on the ipad

No reason other than I can. Blogging on the iPad, in the car while I wait in the cold. It was always a question I had, i.e. can you blog on the move when you are out and about. Well it seems like you can. I've downloaded the app blogpress from the app store, linked it with the blogger account and off it goes... Pretty clever stuff really.

Still it will give me something to do while I am out and about. Now if only I could access my log book while I'm in the car......