Sunday 25 July 2010

New Callsign needs a new QSL card

So having recently aquiring a new callsign (was 2E0BQJ - now M0TGN) its only right that I updated / upgraded the qsl card. If you have seen my QRZ page you will have seen the new birdie QSL image splashed around the page. If you havnt seen it, well why not pop over to and sign my contact log. its not your stereo typical qrz page, and I can only apologies for that.

With the new freedoms I have usinga full callsign I have been playing around with the idea of making a set of portable antennas that I can use abroad in countries that have a CEPT agreement in place. So far Ive purchased 1 10m Mast and 2 x 10m fibreglass poles. the idea is to run a series of dipoles that can be supported in the centre and held alof at the ends.

To make this a truly professional installation and to ease with the whole puttiing up and putting down thing, i have purchased around 50 carabiner clips and 600ft of 550Lb paracord. Used as the guy ropes, the paracord is bright orange, and the carabiners are all different colours to identify the legnth of guy that they are attached to.

I also for the first time had to use triganometry outside of school. wow that stretched the old grey matter a bit, but nontheless, I have managed to cut each guy wire the the correct legnth, and also managed a clever system that plots the positions of the guys so they are all 120 degress apart from each other. Once the system is up I will take some pictures and place on here along with some helpful tips to aid with the guys.